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By Ron Blakley in Frankfort, NY – A great looking photo that he snapped last July!

By Ron Blakley in Frankfort, NY ~ 4 Jul 21.JPEG

Syracuse Corvette Club: A Club with a Cause

Recently Highlighted in 55 Plus Magazine for For Active Adults in Upstate New York

Thanks to Jim Ennis and Sandra Winkworth for once again extolling our members and bringing the efforts of our club to the forefront!

Members Jim & Deb Weaver & Fred & Rose Anne Shattell Enjoy a Father's Day Car Show, Grounds and Mansion Tour on Sunday, June 20, 2021 at Sonnenberg Gardens State Park in Canandaigua.


Image copyright: Mopar USA

Submitted by NCM Master Ambassador, Dave Reeves


Submitted by NCM Master Ambassador, Dave Reeves

1964 Stingray Coupe
Dave Reeves NCMaward.jpg

News from David Reeves, Our SCC NCM Ambassador

Sept. 4, 2020

"Just received this in the mail today from the National Corvette Museum. Quite an honor, and a big THANK YOU to the members of the Syracuse Corvette Club who made it possible."

This is REALLY good news for our members from NCM Ambassador Dave Reeves


the National Corvette Museum has for some time offered one of the best and lowest-cost auto insurance programs for Corvette owners - but NYS Insurance Laws have not allowed them to write policies in New York State - UNTIL NOW. Please see explanation letter along with the "Request For Quote" form attached (no obligation). I believe our members may be very pleasantly surprised.


I would appreciate it if any of the members who request a quote and/or sign up for the NCM coverage would let me know, as I receive points toward my Master Ambassador status for each one . . . and again, there is no obligation. Why not contact them soon, and see how much you can save?


Dave Reeves

Aurora of CNY ~ Dawnings ~ Issue 50 ~ Wi
Oswego Industries ~ 16 Aug 19.jpg

Looking for Info:

Message Details:

Name: Lloyd Raymond


Subject: 72 LT-1

Message: Hi, I am a 72 LT-1 owner from New Zealand, I found a 72 LT-1 on the C3 Registry web site. This car ( 09207 ) is the same as mine, Pewter silver with red interior, Owners name is Dan. C3 Registry say the car is in the Syracuse New York area, do you know of this vehicle? might you be able to put me in contact with the owner please.

from the Reno Corvette Club

The Corvette Wave is an integral part of the mystique and culture of the Corvette owner experience. Corvette owners who wave at fellow Corvette owners when they pass on the road, show a mark of recognition that you are among the elite group of intelligent people who are driving America’s True Sports Car. And as a member of this elite group, you should be recognized for your poise and intelligence. So for those who don’t know the five simple Corvette Wave rules, here they are:

  1. There is no excuse for not waving at your fellow Corvette owner.
    Although most Corvette owners have the class and understanding to accept when their wave is not returned, not waving is a serious breach of proper Corvette etiquette.

  2. Whoever sees the other Corvette first, starts the wave.
    There isn’t any rule about who waves first. This is simple; if you see another Corvette, wave!

  3. Rules 1 and 2 apply to both sexes.
    As far as who starts the wave, it doesn’t make a difference if you are a man or woman. Rules 1 and 2 apply.

  4. Any type of wave is okay.
    Whether you shoot a big wave up through your open Vette top, out the window, or a quick salute with your hand on the steering wheel, any wave that can be seen by the other Corvette driver is okay. However, this does not include any style of gesture that can be interpreted as obscene or insulting. Remember, Corvette owners are a class act; while someone might have been rude or stupid to you, try not to return the favor. (This is a tough rule not to break with all the stupid drivers who manage to get a driver’s license.)

  5. A late wave is better than no wave.
    If you suddenly realize that a Corvette driver is passing and waving at you, get a wave off as soon as possible. The other Corvette driver may see your wave in their rear view mirror and realize that you where just a little late in getting your wave going. Although missing the timing of your wave is a “goof,” getting off a wave that the other Corvette driver has a chance to see can acceptably cover this slip-up.

Wave at your fellow Corvette owners, whoever they are, whenever you see them. This will show you are a person who understands the full measure and etiquette that comes with your proud ownership of a Corvette.

National Corvette Museum Presents Award     by Dave Reeves, NCM Ambassador

During our recent caravan to the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY I was invited to the Ambassador's Breakfast on the Friday morning before we left for home. Closing the program was the presentation of awards to various Corvette Clubs from around the country (they number over a thousand) for their achievements in Social Media, Newsletters and Web Sites. I had submitted the web site of the Syracuse Corvette Club as our Ambassador, and I am pleased to report that we were awarded second place nationwide by

Stephanie Morrill, the Museum's Director of Operations & Membership. Kudos to our Webmaster, Marty Walters, for all of her hard work.

Elfi's Silver Pearl Sisterhood
Women's Corvette Group

August 2019: Bill & Carolyn Crews (and their 57) spent a week outside of Detroit at the Solid Axle Conference.  There were morning tech sessions with guest speakers.  Choice of activities for ladies.  We also toured & lunch with Lingenfelter's founder, on to Pratt & Miller with gracious founder.  Saw first C8, white & black, to touch and explore.  Continued on to GM Heritage Center and saw our 2nd C8.  On to Henry Ford Museum...a most see for anyone.  Friday's banquet included the junior design engineer for the C8, followed by a look at his burgundy C8.

This was a phenomenally organized event, wonderful experiences & friendships.  The only living of the four original leaders, Lucy Badenhoop (California) was also in attendance.  Amazing woman!

They are looking for additional members.  Next year is CARLISLE.

Corvette Central was a major sponsor and father & son attended.


Forgot: Saturday was famous NCRS Woodward Dream Cruise


From Dave Reeves, SCC's National Corvette Museum Ambassador

Bricks installed.jpg

Photo received from the National Corvette Museum showing our Memorial Bricks as installed

Seven Beta Cars 8-8-19.png

Looking forward to the appearance of the new mid-engine C8 Corvette at the Corvettes at Carlisle event? How many may be there? My sources tell me at least two, but possibly as many as six depending on logistics and where the pre-production ("Beta") cars are in their dealer tour trek. If they can get enough of them close to Carlisle in the right time frame, we may see more than we thought. Some stated that they were told only three such cars even existed . . . I have attached a photo of seven of them together to show that isn't true. Guess we'll just have to wait and see . . .