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The Syracuse Corvette Club is one of the most prestigious car clubs in the Northeast. Our members are multi-generational, with a variety of occupations and hobbies. At the close of 2017, we boasted 300+ members and supported well over 60 events from which to choose.


Looking deeper, we see members who have established life-long friendships, renewed acquaintances from years ago and, yes, even a couple of member marriages! More than just a social club, here you will find technical support, business networking, and a host of other benefits. We also take great pride in finding ways to give back to our communities with various group appearances. We have been known to bring on contagious smiles and waves!

If you own a Corvette, are a spouse or significant other of a Corvette owner, you are eligible to become a Syracuse Corvette Club member. Fill out the application today, send in your dues and come enjoy some of the outstanding events lined up for this year. Listed are a few examples of past events:

• TOURS (such as wine country, manufacturing, museums, etc.)

• CRUISES (perhaps through the countryside ending at fine restaurant, or a hidden local treasure)

• CAR SHOWS (many cars & coffee events, sponsored shows and of course Vettes at the Beach)

• SOCIAL EVENTS (sponsored picnics, joining up with other car club events, Holiday Party etc.)

• SPECIAL EVENTS (Porsche challenge, laps & lunch at Watkins Glen, parades)


Joining with other Corvette owners to share the love of the "only true American sports car" will be an experience like no other - an instant common bond. Join us today, we are looking forward to meeting you!

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