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Annual SCC Holiday Party, December 1, 2018

Eighty-eight members and their guests enjoyed an entertaining evening at the Hilton Garden Inn, East Syracuse for the annual SCC Holiday Party. Preceded by a cocktail reception, arranged by Bill and Barb Goode, attendees had the opportunity to exchange warm greetings before assembling in the banquet room for dinner. An ample buffet was enjoyed followed by dessert selections.


When suddenly, who should appear? Well, Santa, of course! He assisted President, Jim Ennis, in presenting the participation awards for 2018. Some special recognition awards for sponsors and event representatives who were in attendance were also given.

Musical entertainment by DJ Marty Santy, The Music Machine, rounded out another enjoyable event. Special thanks to the events committee for their input and work: Bill and Barb Goode, Mike and Jane Ramont, Rick and Kathy Rinefierd, Mark and Sandie Delulio, Larry and Sharon Sattler, Jim Ennis and Dick and Marty Walters.

Participation Award Recipients: Men's 1st Place, Ray Vivlemore; Men's 2nd Place, Mark DeIulio.

Woman's 1st Place, Sandie DeIulio; Women's 2nd Place, Elaine Boull.

Charity Check Presentation, November 15, 2018


2018 SCC Charities


















32nd Annual Free State Corvette Weekend, October 12-14, 2018

Photo Journal compliments of Fred Shattell from Free State Corvette weekend in Ocean City, Maryland. Several SCC members were in attendance at this popular event.

Driver's Village Show, August 4 & SCC Picnic, August 5, 2018

Saturday’s (8/4/18) Driver’s Village Corvette Show is hosted every year by one of our main sponsors— Burdick Chevrolet. This event is one of the more highly anticipated of the summer season and always attracts a large number of Corvettes. This year was no exception with 74 Corvettes representing all series on display.


The heat of the day combined with the surface temperature of the parking lot meant going in to the climate controlled building for lunch was a welcome relief for the 77 club members and 14 guests. Nobody seemed in a hurry to go back outside including yours truly. I thought we were going to have to pull the fire alarm to get everyone to leave the air conditioned comfort. LOL. As it turned out some door prizes and the possibility of winning a trophy were enough to lure everyone back to the parking lot and endure the afternoon heat for awhile longer.


Guest Tom Holmes' C-1 took home "best of show” with the 3 runner-ups going to Tracy Bush, Sue Kimmel, and Dave Reeves. All 4 Corvettes being fine examples of the C-1 and C-2 eras. Congratulations to each of you!


Thanks to the folks at the Brick House Cafe for setting up a very nice lunch. They do a great job every day in their Mall location near the big clock.


Many thanks to Ryan, Antonio, Mikela and the staff for again moving all those inventory vehicles to make room for our Corvettes, and for the door prizes and trophies, too! We of the SCC very much appreciate the courtesy extended to us every year by everyone at Burdick Driver’s Village.

Hover on extreme left or right to advance the slide show.

The oppressing heat continued the following day and was really kicking in as we gathered at the Camillus Elks Club for the annual SCC summer picnic. Hot sun and high humidity forced a cancellation of the planned outdoor games and kept everyone in the shade of the pavilion. That a number of people decided not to attend due to the extreme warmth was perfectly understandable.


70 members and 2 guests braved the elements which is usually a statement made pertaining to our winter weather. With 38 parked Corvettes visible on the lawn it definitely wasn’t winter.


We welcomed new members Ben Krzykowski, George and Tina Offenburg, Frank and Marty Peterson, and John and Judi McCarthy to their first club picnic. Glad you could join us!


Many thanks to the Elks Club volunteers for their super-human effort in handling the heat of the kitchen while laying out a great summer picnic meal for us to enjoy.


Thanks again to our Queen of Desserts, Ms. Sandie DeIulio, for making the delicious cookies and also the cake which was actually left over from the 50th party and kept frozen in Marty Walters freezer. It must have been good because it disappeared in a hurry.


Music by Mike Ramont accompanied lunch and provided a nice background for “socializing”. The usual door prize drawings had a nice twist with a scavenger-hunt type game providing some good entertainment for all. Many people had certain Corvette-related items with them but no Corvette underwear was seen this year. No Corvette tattoo either. Maybe next year?


Marty Walters again, as she has so many times now, organized this event (and others) for the benefit of all SCC members. So here's a big Thank You to Marty!


Finally, thanks to all the great members of the Syracuse Corvette Club who took the time to make the weekend’s events successful. As someone once said “we came for the cars and stayed for the people."



Vettes NEAR the Beach, July 28, 2018

Syracuse Corvette Club presented the 3rd Annual "Vettes NEAR the Beach" event sponsored by East Syracuse Chevrolet on Saturday July 28 from 4-7pm.

Visiting Corvettes from all over the Northeast and Canada rolled into the "large parking lot with a view" at the Y-Hill Express Mart in Blossvale. Everyone seemed to enjoy a relaxing summer eve prior to the Vettes at the Beach event on Sunday.


Light refreshments from the Y-Hill rolling carts, reduced gas prices and entertainment by Marty Santy/the Music Machine made for another enjoyable get-together!

Fred Shattell Photography

Vettes for Vets, July 21, 2018

On July 21, the Syracuse Corvette Club attended a fundraiser and luncheon at Clear Path for Veterans in Chittenango. Clear Path for Veterans is New York’s largest Veteran Resource Center providing holistic warrior care through direct programming and community collaboration. The center is a commitment to supporting the journey home, no matter how long it takes.


With over 20 cars on display, veterans and club members toured the facilities and enjoyed a scenic lunch in the retreat building. Howard and Lynde Lafever presented the center’s director with a donation raised by the 3rd Annual Exotic Car Club celebration. Awards were given to the top three Corvettes.

submitted by Tammie Parker

Fred Shattell Photography

Exotic Car Club Garden Party, July 14, 2018

The Third Annual Adirondack/Champlain Exotic Car Club celebration was held at How-Lyn Acres on Saturday July 14th. Hosted by Howard and Lyndé LaFever at their beautiful home, it was the perfect venue for a Garden Party on this sultry mid-July late afternoon.

Automobiles of every exotic nature graced the sprawling acres. Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Audi, MG, Mercedes and Cadillac, just to name a few. There may have been a Corvette or two in the mix as well! Then there is Howard's collection of machines in his pristine barns 1, 2 & 3!

Surrounded by beautifully manicured landscaping, fountains, umbrella tables and awnings, guests could take in the view of the rolling hills while just relaxing with a cool beverage. Hors d'oeuvres of a seemingly endless variety and supply were prepared and served by the Lincklaen House catering staff. Entertainment by ESP, a ladies hat contest, a centerpiece auction, bonfire and fireworks rounded out a wonderfully enjoyable event.

And so, the sound of laughter, some great conversation and fellowship resounds at the How-Lyn Acres on this summer afternoon. A huge thanks to Howard and Lyndé for their hospitality and friendship.

The following morning, everyone was invited to a lovely brunch at the Hampton Inn in Cazenovia. After feasting on a large buffet of wonderful fare, Howard and Lyndé led a countryside cruise with lakeside drives and curvy country lanes. Destination: Old Home Distillers located in Lebanon, NY. The group was treated to an enjoyable tour and informative talk by owners, the Carvell family. 

Slide show courtesy of Fred Shattell photography

Mac's Drive-in, July 8, 2018

Another beautiful, sunny, summer day found several corvettes gathering at Bandoblu's home for the annual cruise to Mac's Drive-in located in Waterloo. A very popular cruise for many years, winding through the back roads of central New York, as we pass through the small towns and charming villages along the way. Our destination is a 50s style drive-in that is always a big hit with our members!


Enjoy the following photo journal, photos courtesy

of Fred Shattell

Annual July 4th Celebrations - Hamilton Parade & Kimmel Picnic

Several SCC members and cars participated in the Annual Hamilton July 4th parade with onlookers approval!

Every year the 4th of July usually means fireworks, parades, cook-outs, reunions, and picnics— all good reasons to get together with family and friends.  For the last few years the 4th has come to mean a large SCC gathering at the home of members  ( and now sponsors )  Jim and Sue Kimmel. 


Held at their beautiful place on Oneida Lake this event has become a tradition we have come to look forward to as much as any event on the calendar.  This year 66 members with 6 guests and 40 Corvettes arrived to join in the summer fun and games at the lake.


The hot sun and high humidity caused the volley ball tournament to be postponed after one game—  to the immense relief of the “old-timers” team.  Save those trophies for next year, this just wasn’t the day for all that physical activity.  Even the "young" teams had to agree as they gathered in the shade of the tent looking to stand before one of the electric fans.


The outside temperature also meant the air conditioned indoor bar  became one of the more popular rest stops of the day.  Just sayin’...


So it was relax in the shade with a cold beverage, enjoy the great buffet, with one of the most scenic views on the lake and the company of a bunch of really great people.    Oh, and there were 3, yes, 3 sheet cakes this year.  No one missed out on desert which was delicious as usual.


Many thanks to Jim and Sue for inviting all members of the SCC and their families again this year.  Except for the lack of exercise (LOL) the day still deserved a trophy as a “best ever”.



Rick Rinefierd



kimmel 32.JPG
kimmel 31.JPG

Sahlen's 6 Hours at the Glen, June 30 - July 1, 2018

Here's a few pics from the 6 hours at the Glen ,with six SCC members in attendance.       

Courtesy of Fred Shattell

1,000 Islands Concours d'Elegance, June 30, 2018

10 cars drove up to the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, NY with 18 members. Met Roger Preston there.  And surprise!! Kevin and MaryAnn Cook had their 1965 corvette in the show!

Submitted by  member Jane Ramont

Kingston Corvette Invasion, June 22-23, 2018

Friday June 22 dawned bright on the 17 members of the SCC and their 8 mighty steeds, polished and ready for the impending battle as they made their way north to a far off land. Yes, I’m talking about invading Canada! Kingston, Ontario, Canada to be exact; this is the Kingston Corvette Invasion!

After checking in at the Ambassador Hotel, we had lunch and prepared for the final assault on the heart of the City. Instead of a fierce battle, over 200 Vettes, representing 20 clubs in Canada and the U.S., were greeted with open arms by our gracious hosts. The OPP had closed the main street in front of City Hall, where Vettes were parked 4 wide the length of a city block. The overflow filled a market square in back of City Hall, and then the street leading to the square! A town crier, dressed in period attire, announced the welcoming to Kingston, followed by a proclamation by the Mayor. There were many shops, pubs and restaurants to visit that evening, before a group photo and returning to the hotel.

Saturday morning was planned to be a 2 hour cruise consisting of four groups of 50+ cars each. The dark skies foretold of how our cars, but not our spirits, would soon be dampened! After the cruise, lunch at Portsmouth Olympic Harbor, then some members continued on to tour Fort Henry or the Penitentiary.

Saturday night would be the end of a fun-filled weekend, with dinner in the grand ballroom, large enough to seat 450 guests, at the Ambassador Hotel, followed with dancing to a band. No one had any idea what surprise waited inside. When the doors opened, there in front of the stage sat a 2019 Corvette ZR1, orange, trimmed in black with a low wing in back and 755 hp up front! On display from GM, it would travel to another show before being crushed. This is required by DOT regulations, so VIN #00012 is gone. Don’t you wish you got to see it too?

The next event promises to be even more spectacular; so mark your calendars for June 19-21, 2020!


Ray Vivlemore

"Fly-in" Breakfast, Oswego Co. Airport, June 10, 2018

The "Fly-In" Breakfast hosted by EAA Chapter 486 was our early morning cruise destination. Civil Air Patrol - NY408 cadets cooked and served breakfast to many, as we enjoyed planes flying in and out of the Oswego County Airport. Cruise number 2 of the day will be from Fulton to Highland Forest for the Syracuse Corvette Club's 50th Anniversary celebration! 

Photo credits: Fred Shattell and Mary C. Woods